A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Shoot your way through a thrilling action adventure of 60 waves in 6 different game modes while fighting against waves of enemies and extreme bosses.

The Demo is live! 


  • 60 waves.
  • 6 game modes: Story, Arcade, survive, Time Attack, Challenges and Free.
  • Fight against 6 bosses in 6 stages.
  • Get the best score on each stage.
  • Play with a friend in Co-op Mode.
  • Full level up system with upgrades skills.
  • More than 20 different types of enemies.
  • 6 different difficulty levels to play the Story Mode + *Ultra Impossible.
  • 24 side missions: 4 in each world.
  • 3 types of weapons.
  • Dozens types of weapons upgrades.
  • More than 100 Achievements.
  • 6 Challenges or more.
  • *Game Plus: Replay the Story Mode in a more challanging way.
*may not be in the full game.


  • Story Mode: Play the full campaign of 60 levels.
  • Arcade Mode: Try to get the best score while getting crazy score multiplier and a lot of candies.
  • Survive Mode: Play a stage with only one life.
  • Tima Attack Mode: Complete the stage before time runs out in this very challenging mode to earn stars .
  • Challenges: Each Challenge has it's own rules. Complete Challenges to earn stars.
  • Free Mode: Replay a stage. A fun and relaxing mode.

Demo v0.42  

  • The First 10 waves
  • Enter Challenge Mode to play 2 challenges and get the best score
  • All the 6 game modes : Story, Arcade, survive, Time Attack, Challanges and Free.
  • 6 different difficulty levels for Story, Arcade, survive,  Free modes.
  • Fight against the first boss
  • Co-op Mode.
  • 4 side missions
  • 2 types of weapons



Player 1                                             Player 2

shoot: Left Mouse button                           shoot: Space 
Fire missiles: Right Mouse button             Fire missiles: Z
Published 54 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsArcade, boss, Boss battle, Construct 2, Co-op, invaders, Shoot 'Em Up, Space, spinner
Average sessionA few minutes


spinner-invaders-win.zip 103 MB
Version 7 40 days ago
spinner-invaders-osx.zip 113 MB
Version 3 40 days ago
spinner-invaders-linux.zip 104 MB
Version 4 40 days ago

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This game was pretty fun. The music and art was very nice, and had consistent aesthetics. CoOp mode was fun and could be played by one person. The effects on the menu were a little bit distracting. I would probably rate 7/10 at the moment, but I hope the full version is just as good!


Sick game! Loads of fun and just the right difficulty!


Played a lil bit of this on my channel!


I enjoyed watching your video and Thank you for playing my game . 

Spinners and Jelly Beans are bond together forever. LOL!